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Positive Vibes Self-care Cards

Another amazing tool from The Beauty of Eczema™ to enable you to smash your eczema!

We all know it isn't easy living with Eczema even though I do recognize the Beauty of Eczema and how I need to take care of myself. ....and there are days where you just don't want to think positive right?!...BUT this is where my tribe and I have found affirmation cards invaluable to start every day with the right intentions and being able to focus on those ALL DAY!

"The cards have played a big part in keeping a positive mindset and are the right size to have in my handbag so that if I’m having a difficult day I can just grab them and help me refocus on all of the positives rather than the negatives!."

How to do your daily affirmations

STEP #1 - Start EVERY Day with positivity! First thing you do every day as soon as you wake up is grab your Affirmation cards and give them a shuffle...and start focusing on good intentions for your day!

STEP #2 - Receive Your Guidance For The Day! Close your eyes and pick just 1 card from the pack and re-read it for a good 30 seconds ...and even say it out you really understand and believe the meaning behind the card...and place it somewhere where you can read it as you get ready for your day!

STEP #3 - Carry It With You All Day! Make sure you carry the card with you ALL day! ...heading out? then put it in your handbag or as a bookmark in your journal...staying home, display it where you'll see it .. stick it to your computer. Reading the card throughout the day is critical re-affirmation to ensure you have a super positive day!

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